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AC Services in Milliken, CO

As a family owned company since our inception, we don’t joke around with our superior abilities in repair and maintenance. We have been long time members of the Milliken, CO community which means we strive to give the best service. Air conditioning and heating are serious matter and we treat it as such. We want to make sure that your AC and heating units are performing at their top level around the clock, all year long. Our team is comprised of educated and highly experienced individuals that are part of an Amana and Goodman authorized dealer. Our team is fully capable of explaining all issues that your systems may be experiencing and our strategy on fixing them.

AC Services in Milliken, CO

Excellence in AC Services

This is Milliken’s A1 Air Conditioning Service. Fort Collins Plumbing is the here to help in any type of air conditioning or heating system emergency. Our team, which is comprised of educated and experienced A/C technicians are ready to repair any damage immediately and around the clock with our 24 hour services. Their prime workmanship begets the best results in the industry in the city of Milliken, CO.

All of the following services are what we at Fort Collins Plumbing offer:

  • Installation of air conditioning systems
  • Around year maintenance to keep your air conditioning unit running perfectly
  • Air conditioning repair from minor dings to major malfunctions
  • Tune-ups for any and all air conditioning systems
  • Coolant refill when and if needed
  • Service of all humidifiers, thermostats, climate systems, and electronic air filters and cleaners
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient upgrades for cooling systems

Extraordinary Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

An easy indicator of how the A/C business that you are about to hire is the best service provider in Milliken, CO? Just look for smiling faces and happy attitudes. Our fully staffed team of educated and passionate technicians prove that our company strives for the happiness of the team. When employees are treated well, that means that the clients receive the best service imaginable. Provable signs of this philosophy are:
Kind reception when you call for an appointment or immediate house call
Speedy response to questions and requests
Highest quality of communication in the industry

Using an A/C business that has highly educated team members will look like:

  • Technicians in identifiable uniforms
  • Trucks that have all the tools they might ever need
  • Quick response time
  • Polite, punctual, and mindful service

Give us a call!

Any and all issues that may arise with your cooling or heating units, we will be able to fix. That’s a promise! Fort Collins Plumbing in Milliken, CO is your one stop shop for maintenance, repair, and installation. The importance of the temperature of your home is something that we understand wholeheartedly. Fort Collins Plumbing is determined and more than prepared to take on any issue that comes with heating and air conditioning units in a home. Our operators are standing by for 24 hour service calls at any time for any air conditioning or heating needs.