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How to Fix a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is among the most common home plumbing issues that usually occur when waste, food products and hair, depending how the drain is used, got stuck in the pipes, stopping the waste or water from draining properly. Fixing clogged drains can be done on your own, but for serious issues, it is best that you call in the assistance of a professional.

One day, the shower, kitchen sink or toilet is working fine. But the next day, while using the restroom, taking a shower or washing the dishes, you discover that the dirty water is no longer draining or worse, it has already started to overflow. What could have happened? Chances are, the drain has been clogged with some solid materials, like food in the kitchen sink, paper and waste in the toilet or hair in the shower. These clogs can start out small yet, these can get nasty really quick, particularly when you don’t deal with the problem right away. There are some DIY fixes for the minor drain clogs. However, once you have exhausted all your options or the problem becomes severe, you will have to contact a professional plumber.

DIY Fixes for Clogged Drains

A standard plunger can be used to attack the clogged drain head on. Prepare a basin filled with enough water for covering the plunger head then put it on the affected drain to create a seal. Pump the plunger rapidly up and down to force the water in and out the drain, then pop this off for breaking the seal. If needed, you can do the process again. It must loosen and flush away the minor clogs. In case plunging several times still fails to loosen the blockage, you can buy a chemical drain opener then use it as instructed on the package. However, you have to be aware that caustic agents in these chemical drain openers might harm some of the fixtures. When a full container of drain opener and a plunger don’t do the trick, it is about time that you bring in the help of an expert.

How the Professionals Handle Clogged Drains

Professional plumbers have with them an arsenal complete with an array of tools that can be used for fighting clogs. Among the most basic is none other than the drain auger or also known as the drain snake. The plumbers spiral the long and flexible cable down inside the pipe until this reaches the clog and displaces it. A more state of the art piece of plumbing technology being used is known as the hydro-jet that has been designed for blasting through and getting rid of the pipe blockages. Although the drain snake is usually effective on fixing basic clogs, the process of hydro-jetting might be able to eradicate years of built up sludge inside the pipes.
A clogged drain can be a serious problem and not addressing the issue at the soonest time possible might only lead to some nasty consequences. Make sure that you fix it on your own or better yet, call an expert to ensure the best results.

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